Create an animation ?

Learn more about the how, what, where and why of the animation video!

What are animation videos?

Why do they work?

Our proven process to the perfect animation video

At Landing Videos we use a 6-headed success formula to create the best animation videos.
At each step, the customer is heavily involved, every milestone must be approved before we evolve to the next step.
No surprises on delivery.

1. Discovery and Research

3. Signs of the sketches

5. Animation and sound effects

2. Script writing and Voice over recording

4. Storyboard illustration

6. After-delivery service

How We work:
From Concept to reality

Our proven Success formula: 100 Customer Satisfaction

– 01/06

Discovery and research phase.

In This phase we set goals and define what success means together with you, the customer.
We analyse and investigate the target group and determine what our core message will be for the video.

– 02/06

Script and Voice-over recording.

With the info from Phase 1 we start writing the script. This forms the basis for the video.

This forms the foundation for the video. Together with the script we start recording the voice-over. For this we have a handful of carefully selected professional voice-over artists at our disposal.

– 03/06

Sketching drawing.

After approval of the sketches, we begin by drawing a rough visual concept of the video.

– 04/06

Illustrated storyboard.

Once the sketches are approved, we begin to create an illustrated storyboard.

This has all the colors, bells and whistles and shows how the end result will look.

– 05/06

Animation and sound effects.

Once all previous steps have been approved, we start with the animation process carefully.
Now we can also start adding sound effects and music to give the video an extra dimension.

– 06/06

After-sales Service.

Once the video has been delivered, the customer can always turn to us for expertise on how to successfully implement the video in their marketing strategy.

Have your animation video subsidize?

Would you also like to make your company known abroad? Then you can have your video subsidized under a number of conditions by Flanders Investment and Trade up to €2250.

The subsidy applies to external development and translation of digital International commercial business communication:

    • Multilingual websites or web shops;
    • A corporate movie;
    • Social media performed by external specialists.
Please contact us to know if you qualify.

What is the price for an animated explainer video?

We get this question a lot! A unilateral and clear answer cannot be given because each customer and each animation video 100 is unique. The price is influenced based on a number of variable factors.
In general, our prices for an animated video (around 60 seconds) start at 4000 euros.

Factors influencing the price:

Length of video

The cost price is largely determined by the duration of the video. That is because an explanation animation is made from a script, drawings, a Voice-over, audio and an animation of those drawings. The longer the duration time, the more work per scene, the more expensive it gets.


At Landing Videos We design each video to size. We have different design types that we implement, each with its own complexity. The more complex the video, the longer it takes to create, the more expensive the project becomes.

How long does it take to produce an animation video?

The delivery time of an animation video fluctuates around 6 weeks.

The final delivery time is influenced by:

Length of video

The longer a video, the longer different processes will last.

Design complexity

The more complex the video, the longer the delivery time.

Feedback rate

The sooner we receive feedback from our customer, the sooner we can deliver the animation video.